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Google Review     April 2023


Forever Friends absolutely exceeded our expectations. After losing our pup of 14 years, we had planned to bury her cremated remains in our yard. Instead, we received a beautiful tin and exquisite paw print, much too special to bury. Thank you for your compassion and caring. She is beautifully displayed on our bookshelf. Much appreciated.

Cecile M.

Google Review     April 2023


Very good experience. Appreciate the kindness and efficiency of the service.

Paula W..

Google Review     April 2023


When time came i actually forgotten to call to set up arrangements until afterwards. I had a vet come to my home and help my baby pass, but i had forgotten to call like i was told to do. I almost started to panic because when i kitty was hit i took her to another place and i had to set times to drop off and pick up. Well i called and the phone went to voicemail so i left my message starting to really freak cause my poor guy was resting what was i gonna do it was already getting a little late. Well no more then 30 seconds after hanging up my phone it rings. And a gentlemans nice calm voice was on the other end. He let me know I can come at any time. Don't let the location appearance fool you. When I arrived I was a bit like wanting to turn and run but then what the other place would surely be closed. Well I gathered myself and went up to the door and opened it. A very nice gentleman was inside he explained the process filled out the paperwork allowed me to calm myself, and then let me know they would call and since it was late Thursday my baby should be ready to come back home on Monday. Well he was ready only I had gotten sick and unable to go pick him up till that following Friday. I called and let them know and was told not to worry get better and he would be there when I was able to come get him. A friend picked him up and when I got him he was in a very pretty tim box kinda a copper or bronze color with gold Paw prints and another raised decoration all the way around and on the top of the box in gold it says, "UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE" much nicer then the other places white can with black paws prints. In the bag was also a very sweet sympathy card that doubles as a thank you. And a certificate of passing. Another thing I never received from the other place. Yes the other place is in a beautiful setting and they offer other burial needs, but Forever Friends goes above from start to finish I highly recommend them to anyone who needs cremation services to bring their furbaby back home where they should be. Thank you Forever Friends forever thing. R.I.P. CORTEZ

Jana L.

Google Review     April 2023


I can’t bring myself to say a lot just yet as it is draining. Marley was part of our world and still is. Thank you for making this non complicated if that is the right words use.

Angela G..

Google Review     March 2023


The intake was done with care and consideration. I was not expecting when I picked up the ashes, to receive a laminated certificate and a condolences card. The entire process was smoothly transacted. I will use them again when the need arises.

Mark H.

Google Review     March 2023


Thank you for your kindness!

Lucy M.

Google Review     February 2023


I am a very new pet owner and the staff explained everything to me very well, was so empathetic and kind. I'm so happy I took my Poke here.

Hannah M.

Google Review     February 2023


Our beloved dog and best friend Jake passed away 2 days ago and I picked up my friend this afternoon. The fast, friendly, compassionate service we received was amazing. I was pleased with the photo urn and touched by the condolence card that was in the bag. I do hope that I never have to use this service again, but would whole heartedly recommend Forever Friends.

Bill A.

Google Review     February 2023


I was directed to Forever Friends by the vet who euthanized by dog, and I was so pleasantly impressed. My dog was delivered to Forever Friends by the vet and FF called me not even two days later. Their office has a calming vibe about it, and the young man I interacted with was very pleasant.

We didn't "need" the sweet death certificate, nor the condolence card, but they were welcome extras. Her tin is beautiful. And we ordered two paw prints disks that are well done and tasteful.

I so appreciate this service in our valley.

Cindy M.

Google Review     January 2023


They cremated my significant other’s moms doggo who was getting old and had health problems. Very professional and humane for all our needs. Mobile and friendly. It is always difficult losing a furry friend but forever friends helped to make it manageable.


Google Review     December 2022


Very caring and empathetic staff. They go above and beyond to make this difficult time an easy process. My wife and I are very pleased with the experience.

John S.

Google Review     November 2022


When our baby boy Chip Kitty passed we were devastated. The staff at Forever Friends were kind and compassionate every step of the way. We wanted a solo cremation which they offer at an affordable price to honor our pet who was fearful of other animals during his earthly life We were able to take our kitty's remains home the same day. In your time of need I highly recommend Forever Friends. They helped make a difficult day a little bit easier. Thank you so much.

J Reed

Google Review     November 2022


They took such good care of our sweet Sabot pupp, and were really caring and thoughtful!

Soraya R.

Google Review     October 2022


Forever Friends was amazing from the very first phone call to the moment they dropped off our sweet boy’s ashes. The care and love that they put into making sure that he was handled gently really meant a lot to us. This is such a difficult time in our lives but they made dealing with this one part of his passing much easier. Thank you so much for taking care of Kenai Forever Friends.

Cristen N.

Google Review     October 2022


Kind. Compassionate. Sensitive. In October of 2019 we helped a neighborhood kitty at the end of his life. Forever Friends provided excellent customer service with gentle communication as we were exploring our options. Francisco showed so much care from the first phone call and throughout the whole process. I highly recommend Forever Friends.

Cil S.

Google Review     September 2022


Thank you for cremating Rosie when i got her i started bawling what got me most was her little footprint R.I.P Rosie 2018-2021

Allie L.

Google Review     September 2022


My daughter had to put her cat down and was devastated. I told her that I would pay to have him cremated so she could have him back home. Fernando did an amazing job handling the drop off with compassion and empathy. He called the next day and said Zeus was ready to come home. This is an excellent, economical service provided with professionalism, compassion and attention to detail. We greatly appreciate that you make an already difficult day a little easier. Thank you so much!

Chris C.

Google Review     August 2022


Francisco at Forever Friends is amazing-the kindness and compassion he showed us when our 15 year old baby girl Cleo passed away. We dropped her off on Monday and had her back on Tuesday with a beautiful certificate of passing and a perfect little clay paw print. Even a very sweet sympathy card. It is a very calming and comforting environment. He gave us all the time we needed to say our goodbyes. The respect and dignity he showed to her was very comforting and truly special. We knew she would be well taken care of. They are very amazing and special people there. Thank you so much.

Helipilot369 D.

Google Review     August 2021


I am a grieving pet owner but found Forever Friends and their services exactly what I needed for closure at the loss of a prized family member! I recommend them to all pet lovers who are overcome with grief.


They are readily accessible 24/7. What they promised me they provided and more. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, I considered them God’s Gift amidst a torrent of tears.

Judy S.

Google Review     December 2020


I lost my best friend Prince on 10-9-2020 at 3:10pm and this morning (10-10-2020) he was ready to come back home, really sweet and compassionate, I think the prices are reasonable. I got a certificate of passing, a sweet card and the urn that holds Prince's ashes. I can't recommend them enough.

Lindsay M

Google Review     July 2021


Our beloved Remy passed on July 1. Our vet called ForeEver Friends and we were able to take him over ourselves. We asked the employee at FF if it was possible to get Remy back that day. We didn’t expect it but we wanted him home with us before the long holiday weekend. We got a call later in the afternoon to pick up Remy’s urn.


We were beyond grateful. Maybe my obvious pain over this loss helped. The employees at FF are very kind. They are soft spoken and reverent toward your obvious loss. They also have beautiful urns for pets.

Ellen W.

Google Review     February 2021


Forever friends is amazing ... they helped my family and I feel some comfort in an already traumatic situation... we will love u and miss u forever penelope... you changed our life for the better and we're the sweetest animal I've ever known....

we love u mama bear.... sincerely your loving family..

Gregory C.

Google Review     July 2020


We knew the day would come when Duke would no longer be with us. He was 13 years old and lived out his life with so much love. He was the best dog for my kids to grow up with. He was my fourth child. We loved him so so so much. Our family has a cabin on a creek and this was his favorite place. He could be free to adventure. So many memories were built there. I knew that I wanted to cremate him and scatter his ashes at the cabin.

Forever friends was recommended to me by my vet. When the day came to say good bye to Duke, I called Forever Friends and talked to Fernando. He was so patient, kind and understanding. I arranged for them to pick up my beloved Duke from the vet hospital. This was done flawlessly. When I took Duke to the vet they told me Forever Friends had called and they were lined up for picking Duke up. Less than 24 hours later Fernando called me and said Duke was ready for me to picked up. I received a paw print in clay of Duke, a certificate of his passing, and a lovely card signed by them with their condolences along with his ashes in a tin container. For such a hard thing to go through, Forever Friends made it easy, with dignity and compassion. Thank you Forever Friends.

Nancy B.

Google Review     March 2021


From the first phone call I made I was answered to such compassion and understanding. My fur baby was on her way to be laid to rest and plans had not been arranged. Forever Friends made after life plans fast and simple and yet still made me feel as if they cared. I hope not to see them again anytime soon but would return and highly recommend.

Meghan W.

Google Review     April 2021


Compassionate from the first conversation, Francisco was genuine and easy to speak with. The whole process was easy and felt good. Thanks Forever Friends.

Ian J.

Google Review     January 2021


My mom’s beloved dog passed away unexpectedly and they were so compassionate and wonderful. They offer memorial options such as paw prints. Absolutely recommend.

Lyxe J.

Google Review     August 2020


Francisco was so kind when we brought our beloved cat in for cremation, and he was able to get us in right away. The personal touches of the condolence card and certificate meant so much to me and my family when we picked up our girl’s ashes. Would highly recommend their services to anyone in the Rogue Valley.

Celia J.

Google Review     December 2020


They compassionately waited to pick up our dog after the vet left, and personally dropped off his ashes after. Their service was excellent, will use them again.

N. Payne

Google Review     August 2020


Cannot say enough about the sensitivity, kindness and compassion Francisco offered during the cremation process of my beloved poodle, Lucy Louise.
FF is the very best there is in Southern Oregon.

Elie S.

Google Review     July 2020


I lost my best friend a man could hope for yesterday and Forever Friends was so kind and compassionate. You can really tell they understand how important our fur babies are to us. Their prices are great and have a good selection of items to keep your pets remains. They treat your pet like you lost a family member. I recommend anybody going through this hard time to give them a call.

Warren W.

Google Review     July 2019


I recently lost my best furry friend. I contacted forever friends, and Francisco was so kind on the phone. He said they would be willing to work with me on my recent loss. He even gave me options if I could drop off my pet or have him picked up at my veterinarian clinic.

Once my family and I went to drop off our little buddy, Francisco met us at the door. He answered any questions we had. He made sure to show the respect that our beloved cat deserved. He informed us when we will be able to pick up the remains of out pet. When I arrived to pick up our pet he had placed him in a nice container and made us a wonderful paw print of our cat. The personal touches he added meant so much to my family and me.


Google Review     July 2020


We lost our pug Peanut she was 14 we loved her very much. Forever friends really helped us through this difficult time. Thank you

Jackie P.

Google Review     July 2019


My daughter lost her best friend Oliver after 18 years at 5:10 pm on a Thursday night, I sent an email and within 20 minutes I received a call back to arrange a time the next day to bring our kitty in. The young man that called was extremely kind and he gave me the directions to the place that were clear to follow.


They treated Oliver and myself with respect and kindness. I would send any person there to take there pets. The website is simple and easy to find what you need and want, my daughter picked a beautiful box to have her baby in and it is amazing! Thank you so much for being there for us!!!

Victoria F.

Google Review     April 2018


When my cat unexpectedly passed away, I contacted a couple of the local cremation companies. I chose to go with Forever Friends as I actually felt like they cared that I had just lost my furry friend and I wasn’t treated like some random person who called.

Jim was very compassionate and caring and they provided the service in a very timely manner, provided a certificate of passing, a sympathy card, as well as placing my Amelia in a nice paw print tin and not just a black box. Forever Friends went way above my expectations and I highly recommend them for your pet cremation.

Leigh L.

Google Review     April 2018


We cannot express in words how much the kindness and compassion Forever Friends has shown to our family during this difficult time means to us. Also, because of the affordable prices they offer, we were able to cremate our cat and not suffer any financial hardship because of it. They are extremely sweet and accommodating and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Jannelle Cusumano

Google Review     January 2018


I highly recommend Forever Friends. They are sweet, understanding, and empathetic. I had lost my Giorgio, an English Bulldog, in the morning and by noon they had already come to pick him up. They even did this at no cost, due to having recently relocated and the owner, Jim, being in the area. But still, he was very kind and sweet. The price is also very fair and there are good urn choices at good prices as well. Being grief-stricken and hurt, Forever Friends made this arduous, sad process much easier and stressless. I received my Giorgio only two [non-business] days later in the sweet little wooden carved box along with a card and certificate of passing. I only suggest the date of passing is included on the certificate. Thank you, Forever Friends!!

Madeline Morrell

Google Review     March 2018


My chihuahua of 13 years passed away, I live in Klamath Falls and the rates were outrageous for a 3 lb dog. They wanted to charge me 3x as much as forever friends and it did not even include an urn (that was minimum $50.00 more). I go to medford twice a week. Jim met me after hours in white city and picked up my dog Skips. He was kind, sympathetic and offered to meet me again in white city when skips was ready to come home. Very wonderful service. I'm very happy.

Melodie Milligan

Google Review     March 2018


Great people, compassionate service, we have been using them for years. I would recommend this business to all who have lost a paw friend.

MG Foxy

Google Review     March 2018


These are very busy people...doing a great job! I was treated with respect and compasion. Thank you Jim and staff that helped me during a extreamly difficult time. Yes, I will recomend Forever Friends!!!

Tracy Lynne Dwyer-Thomas

Google Review     October 2017


Called Forever Friends this morning and talked to a gentlemen named Jim. He answered right away and was very informative concerning how they handle the cremation of pets. I told him we had not put our precious little dog "Zoe" down yet but simply wanted some information regarding the process. He was extremely helpful and didn't hold anything back. Later in the day we did have Zoe put down and ordered cremation through our vet. Lucky for us they contacted Forever Friends and within a few hours of us returning home Jim called us just to let us know he had already picked up Zoe's little body. I would highly recommend this organization because they went out of their way to make that call. I feel this shows compassion and caring especially at a time when my heart was breaking. Well done Forever Friends and Jim.

Judy Norton

Google Review     September 2017


My sweet baby of 19 years passed the Sunday before thanksgiving. They took her in first thing Monday morning. The woman that helped me was so kind and empathetic as I answered all her questions and gave her my baby (chihuahua) and sobbed uncontrollably. They rushed her cremation and got her back to me quickly so she could be home for thanksgiving. She came with a pet "death certificate" and a sweet card all packaged nicely with the urn of my choosing. They were so wonderful at such a traumatic and devastating time. I will recommend them to everyone and will use them in the future.

Allison Merrell

Google Review     April 2017


We spoke with both pet cremation services in Medford when our Annie passed yesterday to compare prices and service. Forever Friends cost us half ($100 vs $195) what Green Acres Pet Cemetery quoted us. Annie was a Rottweiler about 100 pounds, and Forever Friends charges only $100 for a dog up to 150 pounds, much less than Green Acres. There were 3 numbers listed for Forever Friends and i called them all, leaving messages on each, and reached Brett within minutes. I was so pleased and relieved with the compassion and ease that Forever Friends provided in the passing of our sweet girl Annie Beloved. Our Annie passed peacefully at home, and within a half hour of contacting Forever Friends, and speaking with Brett, we were able to take our Annie in for cremation. Jody met with us and was so kind and compassionate and sweet, a lovely genuine person who clearly loved animals and genuinely cared about making the process painless and easy for us. They provided an excellent service at a price we could manage, which eased our worries as well. Thank you so much Jody, your kindness was so appreciated. We will recommend you highly for fair price and wonderful service.

Evvmarie M.

Google Review     April 2016


This review is for "Forever Friends" pet cremation services (which is part of the Perl Funeral Home).

I had called Forever Friends a few days before my dog was put down, just to plan out what I was going to do when my dog died. They explained all of my options so I would be ready to take care of everything when the time came.

Last week, on Monday morning, I took my dog to the vet and had her put to sleep. My dad and I drove over to the funeral home, went inside and rang the bell to let them know we were there, and we were taken care of right away.

They were very compassionate when going over the details. Even offering me a tissue because I couldn't stop crying (o:

About two days later, I got the call that her ashes were ready. Her remains were in their standard tin (they offer various urns but I'm going to spread her ashes elsewhere), I received her death certificate, and a very sweet and sympathetic card from the staff - all of these were in a cute little bag with paw prints all over.
I'm so glad they were able to make this experience a little easier for me. I will definitely recommend them to others and I'm starting by doing this review for them. Thank you (o:

V. Bowman

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