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About Forever Friends Pet Cremations


Many pet parents have placed their trust in Forever Friends. We are a family owned and operated pet cremation and memorial service, dedicated to serving families just like ours in the Rogue Valley. 


When you choose Forever Friends, you’re choosing the highest quality cremation and memorial service for your loved one. As pet parents ourselves who have lost our own forever friends, we understand that pets are important members of your family that have profoundly touched your life. They have no doubt brought you immeasurable happiness, love, and joy over the years, and deserve to be treated now with the love and care they have always given to you. 



The loss of a pet can be devastating and overwhelming. We strive to make our service as simple and fast as possible so that you can focus on what is really important: your forever friend. 



We know this is no ordinary industry. Compassionate care and respect are our highest priorities, and we strive to provide the same love to every pet as we would to our own. We understand your overwhelming sorrow and loss during this major life passage, so our main focus at Forever Friends is to serve your needs with the utmost respect and to give your pet’s life the dignity they deserve. 



We know how unique and special every forever friend is to their family. To help each family create a way of remembrance that is as unique as their forever friend, we offer private cremation, customized memorial selections, and individualized tribute products. From custom made urns to one of a kind handcrafted paw prints, you can select the perfect way to remember and memorialize your pet for years to come.

If you have any questions about our pet cremation services, please call us


We treat your beloved pet with the dignity and respect deserved by all family members.

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